Processing Information for Agencies & Recipients

The University of Arkansas has designed a detailed process of receiving Outside Scholarships. This allows us to be sure the funds are applied to the correct student and according to the donor’s wishes. Below is an outline of the process, including the steps that students and donor agencies will need to take.

  1. If the donor agency requires verification of enrollment and/or financial need, requests should be delivered to:
    University of Arkansas
    Academic Scholarship Office
    114 Silas H. Hunt Hall
    Fayetteville, AR 72701
  2. Please indicate the specific information needed for each student (i.e. verification of enrollment and a financial need statement, or a verification of enrollment only).
  3. The Academic Scholarship Office will return this verification, with the University of Arkansas official seal, to the donor agency. If the agency will receive verifications by fax, please include the appropriate fax number with the request.
  4. Scholarship checks may be made payable to the University of Arkansas, the student, or both. If the student is included as a payee, the student will need to endorse the check before it can be processed. The Student Accounts Office will send an email to the student's university email account asking the student to endorse the check at the cashier's desk in the Arkansas Union, room 214.
  5. Scholarship checks should be delivered to:
    University of Arkansas
    Cashier's Office
    Attn: Treasurer's Office Sch Processing
    214 Arkansas Union
    Fayetteville, AR 72701
  6. For each student and each scholarship, the following information should be indicated in the documentation sent with the check:
    • Student's Full Name
    • Student's university ID or social security number
    • Name of awarded scholarship
    • Contact name and phone number of the scholarship coordinator for your agency.
    • Semesters of disbursement. Scholarships may be applied to Fall only, Spring only, Summer only, or split between semesters. For split awards, please indicate the dollar amount to be applied to each semester. If the donor agency does not specify disbursement instructions to us, the full amount will be applied to the current semester.
    • Enrollment hours required by the donor agency to permit disbursal of the scholarship(s). The organization may specify how many hours in which a student must be enrolled in order to receive the scholarship. Full-time enrollment is 12 semester hours for undergraduate students and 9 semester hours for graduate and law students. If the organization does not specify enrollment requirements, we will assume that full-time enrollment is required.
  7. The Treasurer's Office will deposit the scholarship check and then notify the Academic Scholarship Office of the receipted scholarship funds.
  8. The Academic Scholarship Office will then post the scholarship to the appropriate student account. Outside scholarships will be listed as "Outside Unrestricted Scholarships" on the student's account. If a student has more than one outside scholarship, the scholarship values will be added together under one line item. Thus, a $200 scholarship from Jones High School, and a $500 scholarship from Jones High School FFA, will be displayed as a $700 Outside Unrestricted Scholarship.
  9. At this point, funds will be viewable on the student's account in UAConnect. They will appear as "Anticipated Aid." It will take approximately 24 hours for the funds to be disbursed. The disbursal process converts the funds from "Anticipated Aid" to "Financial Aid." The process is complete once funds are disbursed and the scholarship funds have been applied against the student's bill.