Current University of Arkansas Students

The Academic Scholarships Office seeks to help current University of Arkansas students find new scholarship opportunities to help fund their University of Arkansas education. Students should be prepared to apply for multiple scholarship competitions. The following list of resources is a good place to start. Please remember that every scholarship competition is different, and refer to the individual scholarship applications to determine the requirements of each scholarship competition.

University-Wide Current Student Scholarships

This program is administered by the Academic Scholarships Office. Undergraduate and graduate students from all academic majors are encouraged to apply. Scholarships are available for competitive students who have completed at least one fall semester at the University of Arkansas. Students interested in applying may proceed to the Current Student Scholarship Application.

College and Departmental Scholarships

Many colleges and departments offer scholarships to current UA students participating in specific academic programs. The Academic Scholarships Office strongly encourages you to visit the College and/or Academic Department in which your academic major is housed.

Arkansas Alumni Association Scholarships

The Arkansas Alumni Association offers a limited number of scholarships to current UA students. For more information, visit the Arkansas Alumni Association's website.

Division of Student Affairs Scholarships

The Division of Student Affairs awards an array of scholarships each year based on a wide variety of qualifications and interests. While our scholarships all require good academic standing, many of them recognize qualities such as leadership, student involvement, and community service. A 4.0 GPA is not necessary to apply. Visit Student Affairs' scholarship page for more information.

Outside Scholarship Agencies

Every year UA students qualify for over $2.5 million in outside scholarships. Please visit our Guide to Outside Scholarships.

Other Specialized Resources

Office of Nationally Competitive Awards

The Office of Nationally Competitive Awards assists UA students seeking prestigious fellowships, scholarships, and grants. They work with many UA students applying for fellowships for graduate study. These awards include, but are not limited to, the Rhodes, Gates Cambridge, Marshall, Fulbright, and Truman Fellowships/Scholarships. The Office of Nationally Competitive Awards also assists students interested in applying for undergraduate research grants (SURF) and other specialized scholarships and grants. Please visit the Office of Nationally Competitive Awards website for more information.

Office of Study Abroad and International Exchange

The Office of Study Abroad helps UA students interested in pursuing academic studies in other countries for a summer, semester, or full academic year. The Office of Study Abroad website provides resources for scholarships related specifically to study abroad.