Supplemental Scholarship Materials

The following supplemental materials are required and should be composed and proofread in a word processing software prior to being added to your application.

Three Works

Include three works (fiction, poetry, drama, history, science, engineering or other non-fiction) that you have read during the past year that you have most enjoyed. For each work, write 4-6 sentences that describe what you found about the work to be significant. At least one of the three selections should be a work that was not required for you to read for school. We also suggest that you try to use different genres of literary works, such as the ones listed above in parentheses. Please note with an asterisk which books were required class reading.


The essay prompts below are designed to allow you to tell us more about yourself. The application essay is an opportunity for you to move beyond test scores and grades and give us a glimpse into what matters most to you. As you write, avoid platitudes and checklists of accomplishments and activities. In fact, the more specific you can be about your personal experiences, the better.

Choose ONE of the following prompts and write a well-developed essay response (maximum length approximately 600 words).

Identify an invention or idea that was developed more than 100 years ago that still has a major effect on the way we live today. How has this technology or idea affected your life?

Identify an artist or innovator in the world today who inspires you. Tell us why.

What does community service mean to you? How do you envision yourself serving in the future?

You must cite sources if you use published or web-based information in your response.


We would love to learn how you spend your time. In order of significance, discuss up to 8 activities you would like us to know about. For example, you may include academic, athletic or talent competitions, school and community leadership roles, research or creative endeavors, summer academic camps, music or theater involvement, and service projects or work-related endeavors. Please indicate and briefly describe your role and the amount of time associated with each activity.

Academic Awards and Honors

In order of significance, please detail up to five academic awards or honors. Be sure to indicate when you earned each one.

Academic Coursework

Indicate the number of competitive courses (Honors, AP, IB, and Dual Enrollment) you have completed or will complete during your senior year. Advanced Placement and HL International Baccalaureate courses may be eligible for credit at the university.