Scholarship Award and Renewability Information

If you have received a renewable freshman scholarship, congratulations! The University of Arkansas has made a financial investment in you, and we want nothing more than to see your name on Senior Walk. The Academic Scholarship Office is here to assist you in retaining your scholarship. Please become familiar with the scholarship information and renewal requirements below.

Award Information

You will be credited with up to the total amount of the yearly scholarship to assist in the payment of your tuition, tuition-related fees, and on-campus room (double occupancy). Generally, one-half will be applied to your fall bill and the other half to your spring bill. If you elect to live off campus rather than in a designated double room in a University of Arkansas residence hall, your scholarship will be applied to your tuition & tuition-related fees only. You will forfeit any remaining scholarship dollars that would have applied toward your on-campus room.

Renewal Requirements

We want you to be successful at the University of Arkansas and graduate within four years (five years for Architecture and MAT students). Our office will review grades and hours completed prior to the beginning of each fall semester. As long as you earn at least thirty (30) semester hours of college credit each academic year (traditionally one fall semester followed by one spring semester in the same academic year) and maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.00 or above, your scholarship will be automatically renewed. To clarify, you should obtain 30 hours to reach sophomore status, 60 hours to obtain junior status, and 90 hours to reach senior status. As long as you maintain the renewal criteria, you may receive the scholarship for up to eight semesters. Architecture and MAT students may receive an additional two semesters by maintaining a 3.00 cumulative grade point average and by completing an additional 30 hours (cumulative total of 120 hours) by the end of the eighth semester.

Scholarship Combination

The combination of all scholarships and grants (excluding Pell Grants) may not exceed your Cost of Attendance (COA) at the University of Arkansas. For further details on your COA, please contact the Academic Scholarship Office. Students are allowed, in accordance with federal rules, to include a one-time computer purchase and study abroad program fees, if appropriately documented, in establishing their cost of attendance.


PLEASE NOTE: You will receive a Financial Aid Award Notice for all scholarships, loans, grants, and work-study. The award notice will state that you must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 semester hours in order to receive funds from this scholarship and other financial aid. However, please remember that you must obtain 30 cumulative hours either by enrolling in more than 12 credit hours each semester (typically 15 hours per semester) or by earning credit from other sources. In order to renew for your sophomore, junior, and senior years, you must earn the minimum number of credit hours and maintain at least the minimum cumulative grade point average.

Other Ways You May Earn Credit Hours

  1. College Level Examination Program (CLEP) or Advanced Placement (AP) examination. For more information, please contact the University of Arkansas Testing Services Office at (479) 575-3948.
  2. Credit by concurrent enrollment (enrolled in college courses while still in high school).
  3. Credit by transfer. To confirm the acceptability of particular courses, contact the Office of the Registrar at (479) 575-5451.
  4. Credit by correspondence. For University of Arkansas Self-Paced Courses, contact the Global Campus at (479) 575-3647.
  5. Summer coursework at UA Fayetteville at your own expense. These hours can be used either to get ahead or to catch up.

Keep in mind that these methods will award credit hours, but will not affect your University of Arkansas grade point average (with the exception of Self-Paced Courses through the University of Arkansas and summer coursework at UA Fayetteville). To calculate your grade point average for renewal purposes, use only the credits earned through attending the University of Arkansas or taking University of Arkansas Self-Paced Courses. This policy is related to the general university rule stating that grade points earned through transferred credit cannot be calculated into a student's University of Arkansas grade point average.

Continuous Enrollment

It is expected that you will attend the University of Arkansas as a full-time student for eight (8) consecutive long semesters (fall, spring). In some circumstances (including special educational opportunities or extreme circumstances beyond the student’s control), a scholarship deferral may be granted. The student must make a written request to the Academic Scholarship Office prior to the semester(s) of absence. The Academic Scholarship Office retains final authority regarding each deferral decision.

Academic Probation

Students placed on "academic probation" after their first semester will be required to develop an academic recovery plan with their academic advisor before scholarship funds will be disbursed the following semester. Students placed on "academic probation" any other semester will forfeit their scholarship immediately.

Scholarship Appeals

There are no provisions for reinstating a scholarship for future semesters if students do not meet the renewal criteria. However, if problems occur due to some extenuating circumstance or medical emergency, you may appeal to the Scholarship Review Committee through the Academic Scholarship Office with supporting documentation. Appeals are granted only in extreme circumstances beyond the student's control and when an appeal is filed before the appropriate grade point average is regained. The Scholarship Review Committee retains final authority regarding each appeal decision.

Scholarship Reinstatement

Students who regain a cumulative 3.00 grade point average after losing their scholarship may be eligible for reinstatement of their scholarship for the following term. The student must submit a written scholarship appeal to request this reinstatement. Students who successfully reinstate their scholarship will be due to meet renewal criteria for the following academic year at the end of the semester in which the scholarship was reinstated. The Scholarship Review Committee retains final authority regarding each appeal decision.

Conduct Expectations

It is expected that you will conform to all policies described in the University's Code of Student Life, regarding both academic and non-academic conduct. In the event of a disciplinary violation, university authorized disciplinary sanctions may affect your scholarship eligibility.

Contact Information

Mary Willis manages scholarship renewal for the Academic Scholarship Office. Please feel free to contact her at (479) 575-2227 or