Scholarship Award and Renewability Information

If you have received a freshman scholarship from the Academic Scholarship Office, congratulations! The University of Arkansas has made a financial investment in you, and we want nothing more than to see your name on Senior Walk. The Academic Scholarship Office is here to assist you in transitioning to the University and retaining your scholarship. Please see the scholarship information and renewal requirements below.

Admissions and Eligibility Requirements

Receipt of a general freshman scholarship is contingent upon being fully admitted and enrolled as an undergraduate at the University of Arkansas. Additionally, most scholarships require that recipients be U.S. citizens, legal residents of the United States, or foreign nationals permitted to pursue a course of study in the United States. Recipients who have not met all admission and eligibility requirements by the first day of classes may have their scholarship offer withdrawn.

Award Information

Scholarship recipients will be credited with up to the total amount of the yearly scholarship to assist in the payment of tuition, tuition-related fees, and/or on-campus housing (double occupancy). Generally, one-half of the scholarship amount will be applied to fall semester charges and the other half to spring semester charges.

The Academic Scholarship Office reserves the right to replace a scholarship with a comparable scholarship of equal or greater value and/or to replace a general scholarship with a similar scholarship funded by a generous donor (named scholarship). Generally, students with a named scholarship will be required to submit a letter of appreciation before scholarship funds will be disbursed.

Scholarship Combination

Freshman scholarships awarded by the Academic Scholarship Office cannot be combined with Honors College prestigious fellowships or R.O.T.C. Room and Board Scholarships. In addition, except for the New Arkansan Non-Resident Tuition Award and the Wal-Mart Endowed Scholarship, students may only receive one freshman scholarship from the Academic Scholarship Office. If a student receives a second scholarship offer of greater or equal value (upgraded offer), the subsequent offer replaces the initial offer. If a recipient receives multiple scholarship offers, the greatest value scholarship will be assigned. Freshmen can combine a general freshman scholarship with scholarships awarded by the Arkansas Alumni Association, University colleges and departments, or outside entities, as well as current student scholarships in subsequent years.

The combination of all scholarships and grants (excluding Pell Grants) may not exceed the student's Cost of Attendance (COA) at the University of Arkansas. Please review the Cost of Attendance policy for further details.

Renewal Requirements for Multi-Year Scholarships

Most of the renewable scholarships offered by the Academic Scholarship Office require students to be enrolled full-time, complete thirty (30) semester hours of college credit per academic year and maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher. Students in their first year should complete at least twenty-seven (27) hours of college credit during the academic year and maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher. The scholarship office will review academic credentials at the end of the spring semester and again prior to the start of the fall term (end of the fall term for students starting enrollment in the spring term). Scholarships for students who have met the renewal requirements will be automatically renewed, and students who continuously maintain the renewal standards may receive the scholarship for up to eight semesters. Students enrolled in undergraduate programs that require five years for completion, such as Architecture, may receive an additional two semesters of funding. The Advance Arkansas Scholarship and Wal-Mart Endowed Scholarship have separate renewal requirements. Please see new freshman scholarships for additional information.

Other Ways Scholarship Recipients May Earn Credit Hours Toward Renewal

  1. College Level Examination Program (CLEP) or Advanced Placement (AP) examination. For more information, please contact the University of Arkansas Testing Services Office at (479) 575-3948.
  2. Credit by concurrent/dual enrollment (enrolled in college courses while still in high school).
  3. Credit by transfer. To confirm the acceptability of courses, please see the transfer guide or contact the Office of the Registrar at (479) 575-5451.
  4. Credit by correspondence. For University of Arkansas Self-Paced Courses, contact the Global Campus at (479) 575-3647.
  5. Summer coursework at UA Fayetteville at student's expense. Summer hours can be used to make up needed hours or earn hours toward renewal in advance.

Please note that all options can assist a student in earning additional credit hours, but only summer coursework taken through the University of Arkansas or University of Arkansas Global Campus will impact the student's grade point average. To calculate a grade point average for renewal purposes, use only the credits earned through attending the University of Arkansas or taking University of Arkansas Self-Paced Courses. This policy is related to the general university rule stating that grade points earned through transferred credit cannot be calculated into a student's University of Arkansas grade point average.

Continuous Enrollment

Scholarship recipients are expected to attend the University of Arkansas as a full-time student for eight (8) consecutive long semesters (fall, spring). In some circumstances (including special educational opportunities or extreme circumstances beyond the student's control), a scholarship deferral may be granted. The student must make a written request to the Academic Scholarship Office prior to the semester(s) of absence. The Academic Scholarship Office retains final authority regarding each deferral decision.

Academic Probation

Students placed on "academic probation" after their first semester will be required to connect with their academic advisor or other university academic support before scholarship funds will be disbursed the following semester. Students placed on "academic probation" any other semester will forfeit their scholarship immediately.

Scholarship Appeals

There are no provisions for reinstating a scholarship for future semesters if students do not meet the renewal criteria. However, if problems occur due to some extenuating circumstance or medical emergency, students may appeal to the Scholarship Review Committee through the Academic Scholarship Office with supporting documentation. Appeals are granted only in extreme circumstances beyond the student's control and when an appeal is filed before the appropriate grade point average is regained. The Scholarship Review Committee retains final authority regarding each appeal decision. Please email for instructions regarding the appeal process.

Scholarship Reinstatement

Students who regain a cumulative 2.75 grade point average after losing their scholarship may be eligible for reinstatement of their scholarship for the following term. The student must submit a written scholarship appeal to request this reinstatement. Students who successfully reinstate their scholarship will be due to meet renewal criteria for the following academic year at the end of the semester in which the scholarship was reinstated. The Scholarship Review Committee retains final authority regarding each appeal decision.

Conduct Expectations

It is expected that students will conform to all policies described in the University's Code of Student Life, regarding both academic and non-academic conduct. In the event of a disciplinary violation, university authorized disciplinary sanctions may affect scholarship eligibility.

Contact Information

We want to help you retain your scholarship. We are here to assist you and happy to do so. To reach us, please feel free to call (479) 575-4464, or email