Tillman Military Scholarships

University Partner Application

The Pat Tillman Foundation is dedicated to supporting educational opportunities for service members and their families. Veteran and active duty service members and their spouses portray the very nature of leadership that the Foundation seeks to inspire in young people across the country. With these scholarships, we are ensuring these leaders have every opportunity to pursue broader educational goals. The Tillman Military Scholarships are intended to cover direct study-related expenses such as tuition, fees, and books, as well as other needs such as room and board and child care.

One of the ways that the Pat Tillman Foundation achieves its goal of providing scholarship support to veteran and active duty service members and their spouses is to partner with select colleges and universities with existing service member support programs and enrollment. The University of Arkansas has been a University Partner with the Pat Tillman Foundation for four years and is looking forward to its fifth year of the partnership.

Submission Period


Important Applicant Information

All potential applicants should carefully read the Become a Tillman Military Scholar page on the Pat Tillman Foundation website and pay special attention to the items below:

  • Eligibility and Criteria
  • Necessary Preparation and Required Documents
  • Renewability
  • Benefits and Expectations

The Tillman Military Scholar application process is administered by the Pat Tillman Foundation. The University Partner Point-of-Contact in the Academic Scholarship Office will be available to all applicants to assist them with preparing their application. All communications to applicants regarding the status of their applications will come from the Pat Tillman Foundation. Additionally, the Pat Tillman Foundation will make the final determination on what applications are funded.

All applicants are encouraged to apply for the military scholarship programs that are offered by the University of Arkansas. Information about scholarship opportunities for military students can be found here.

Selection Process

The Military Scholarship Committee of the Academic Scholarship Office at the University of Arkansas will review and perform initial screening of all applicants from the University of Arkansas using the established evaluation criteria from the Pat Tillman Foundation. The Military Scholarship Committee will forward to the Pat Tillman Foundation up to the top 10 applicants from our institution as semifinalists. The Pat Tillman Foundation will review semifinalists from all University Partner institutions and will select the next class of Tillman Military Scholars. The new Tillman Military Scholars will be announced in early June.

To maximize your consideration of being one of the 8 semifinalists to be nominated from the University of Arkansas, you are strongly encouraged to meet with Garrick Hildebrand (ghildeb@uark.edu) the University Partner Point-of-Contact to review your application materials before they are submitted. Additionally, applicants are encouraged to use the resources of +Writing while drafting their essays.


Please contact Garrick Hildebrand
Academic Scholarship Office